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1. Mission Statement
a. Every individual needs the correct network to the right profession.
  In K2, we believe that every individual is special. We provide the right network by understanding candidate's ability & interest with the intention to help them find the right job.
b. Building human capital.
  By employing the right workers, valuable assets are forming and it advances companies’ productivity & efficiency.  The human capital is definitely worth investing. 
2. Background  
  The founder of K2 has more than a decade of recruitment experience and has been actively assisting companies in their workforce employment needs.  K2 started actively in the early years assisting factories in applying & processing of foreign workers working permit & sourcing from all approved countries like Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, China, Pakistan & Vietnam. 

  We appointed highly qualified and licensed recruitment organisations abroad to assist us with the foreign recruitment process by selecting the right candidates for each of our clients. 

  We also extended our services by providing local employment services to clients who need assistance in hassle-free recruitment with a shorter period of time.  Our recruiters deliver excellent services with passion to all candidates and clients. 

  We have the skills in the selection of right candidates for sectors ranging from:
Building & Construction Hospitality Retail
Food & Beverage Electronics Manufacturing
Cleaning & Others    
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